Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life Week 7

I'm a little behind on my Project Life album. By now I should have week 8 printed and laid out, but I haven't even edited pictures yet, let alone print them out and organize them! This has been a busy week with work... the great thing about Project Life though, is that I can simply pick back up again when I have a little more time (like say in 10-20 years? Ha!)

Left-hand side of this week:

Some supplies I used are Love, Elsie stickers, punchinella, homemade tags (made from office labels), Dymo Labels (old school!), and felt.

I took out some old scrapbook supplies that were stored (when we were cleaning out the guest room in anticipation of Truman's arrival!) and actually did some more traditional type of scrapping this week. It took me MUCH longer to finish this week's spread, but it's now my favorite! (NOTE: to increase the quality of the picture I took of this side, I took out the inserts and laid them ON the sleeve instead of leaving them inside. This minimized the glare, for sure.)
Right-hand side:

The entire right-hand side is just full of pictures and the weekly wrap-up (again typed this week because I had so much to say!)


I have TONS of inserts this week. The first is full of pictures I took of Phinn for Valentine's Day and a card he got from his grandma Sandy. I used a lot of felt for this week's spread and inserts - I really like the way the color POPS!


The other side of this first insert is full of pictures we took for Phinn's aunt on her birthday!

The rest of the inserts are my first attempt at A Day In The Life - insprired by Ali Edwards, of course. First, a 6x6 title page. The insert is a piece of felt with an old Love, Elsie cardboard sticker. I've been hoarding a ton of Love, Elsie products and am finally beginning to use them!

After the mini-title page is a standard 8.5x11 with the journalling from the day. I used the same format as I saw on Ali's website: listing each hour and either leaving it blank (if we were sleeping or not doing anything) or writing next to is what was going on at that time.


On the front of the journal insert I have numbers from a Love, Elsie sticker pack, punchinella at the bottom underneath the journalling, some random stickers, and a piece of blue felt "ribbon" that I stitched into place. On the back side of the insert is more journalling (of course) and a "today" piece of felt I cut out and stapled into place. 

The next two inserts (only one side of one is shown below) are full of pictures taken throughout the day. I have a page of screenshots of text messages I sent/received throughout the day as well (not pictured).

I really enjoyed documenting an entire day and luckily I had the time to do it that day since it was a holiday. I think the next time though, I'll probably do a little more research and use a different format - I'm not sure if I like the way it turned out.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project Life Week 6

Week 6 of Project Life.
Here is the full spread:

The left hand side:

Not a ton of journaling this week. I've been making a more conscious effort to take pictures of every day activities and because of that, I think the journaling has suffered. I'll work on that - I want there to be more writing in this album than I have been adding so that Phinn (and his brothers and/or sisters, eventually) can read about our daily lives.

Here's a close up of my Picture A Day collage:

And here is the right hand side:

There are two inserts this week - sorry for the crappy pictures. I had no patience to try and get better ones.
The first insert follows the same theme as Phinn's 3 month spread - I like the uniformity of this.

The second insert is full of pictures from my cousin's son's first birthday party. The back of the 4x6 picture is blank - I'll probably add some journaling eventually.

I found this huge stash of punchinella and added it to fill an empty spot. I really like the way it looks, but wish that the insert behind it had a solid back drop... oh well.

I'm working on week 7 right now. I'm trying to do more scrapbook-y inserts for week 7, so it will probably take me a while to finish.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Life Week 5

I've been doing pretty well with keeping up with Project Life. I am almost done with week 6 and have already started preparing some of the pictures for week 7 (this week)

Here's my week 5 spread:
  • I like the way the title block turned out. I cut a little "window" and put a hambly overlay in it. The red of the title block from week 4 makes for a good backdrop.
  • I inserted a card my sister sent to Truman with a gift.
  • In order to highlight the fact that Phinn turned over for the first time this week, I wrote it out on a separate card. 
  • I took screen shots of videos I took during this week. Phinn is becoming more and more interactive with us and I wanted to be sure to capture it all!

There are two inserts this week. I can't seem to get enough of them!
The first is the right hand side of a Design F insert. I had a few more 3x4's than usual so I added this mini-insert.

I put pictures from Phinn's 4-month well check appointment as well as the "update" paper they give us with his current weight, height, and head circumference. I also added a divider tab with an "xoxo" label stuck in it.

The second insert is a simple 8.5x11 sheet protector with 8x10 pictures on each side. I really liked these pictures I took this week (one of Wade and Phinn, and one of all 3 of us at the doctor's office!) so I printed out large copies.

And here is the right hand side of this week's spread. I finally found a place that sells Red Hots (should have bought more, dangit) so I put part of the box in here. I have my usual Picture A Day collage and the weekly wrap up. Put a mini screenshot of my News Feed on Facebook - the first 4 were pictures of babies from 4 different friends who have newborns! Weird.

I'm hoping to finish week 6 this weekend (4-day weekend!!!).

Thanks for looking!